All Photography and Video uploaded in this tumblr by me, Eri. Cheers. 

im back bitches 

Full time punks from Eri Sosa on Vimeo.

Bad ass show on May 18th 2014 near Hollywood at The Rat Factory.
i made a video about the first two artists, “Onslaught ocelot” and “Letter D”
Both were pretty kick ass!!

Danira is this really cute chick, she’s a tatooed ballerina as well as a rock singer in Mexican Band “Jardín Subterraneo”. She agreed to do some pictures and the result was pretty nice. Enjoy

CLUELESS from Eri Sosa on Vimeo.

Feeling clueless sometimes

Eriso Photography and video
Track by Rifhes/Techilla Recordings

Demo Reel from Eri Sosa on Vimeo.

This is a brief visual description of my work as a videographer.
Any questions or doubs feel free to contact me:

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